Saturday, 31 August 2013

The Hot Seat....

Tick tock.. tick tock ..tick tock , I was finding my way by following H R’s shoes … I don’t wanna make eye contact with anyone while noticing every thing around me & finally I reached my work place .She gave me a pen ,paper pad & few log-in details. My managers & team gave me a formal introduction then they left me with my hot seat . It was a comfortable seat but don’t know why I was not comfortable.

Every one going here & there looking at me and I was feeling like an alien . My soul was shouting loudly inside that I’m a normal human being like you. If you wanna know something about me ,ask me but not to my team mates whom even I don’t know.

I decided that I’ll never behave like this with any new member but what about me this time :(

I was feeling so lonely & missing my friends...wait a minute....No I'm not a kid , I have done my graduation , I was never a introvert person in my collage …. what happened to me ...i asked hundreds of questions to myself within a second.

I boost up myself by analyzing my past experiences , it made me feel better.

I thought that from tomorrow I'll -

-Not hesitate in making eye contact
-Ask what I don't know
-I'll feel that I’m also the part of this organization

Within one weak , I managed all mess around me & after few weeks, I became one of them & also feel comfortable on the same seat allotted me very first day , The hot seat ;) .

Thanks !!! :)

Friday, 30 August 2013

Software Testing is easy …

Usually the people who don't know about actual testing ,say this. The main resource of this rumor is few small companies of software development. They don’t want to spent so much money on quality. The main objective of the tester in these companies is to just check that the functionality developed by software developer is working or not. No one knows their name in the market so they never concerned about brand .If customer say something they update the things,as he want.

Now both the customer and Owner of the company are happy. Customer got the software under his budget & the owner got his benefit excluding all company expenses. The customer has no visibility due to less knowledge of software that he is in loss because the product he purchased will work only for few months or few years,What after that? Who is responsible?The company owner will say that I have delivered the product as per agreement now as per your current requirements I’ll update the software at extra charge.

Now what could be the solution of this situation so that the customer feel satisfied and can run his business as he thought & told every one about that software company and the company get a positive publicity and walks towards establishing a brand name for years ??

There is just a simple one line answer – Involve 'software Testing' instead of 'checking'.

The people who say that testing is easy unknowingly talk about checking the software. If testing were involved as defined, the above problem will never comes. Testing means – delivering the quality product as per the requirements with a wide known visibility discussed with customer.

And the responsibility of ' delivering the quality product' is not an easy job with so many challenges like-

1.You can not copy & paste the test cases, test plans from any search engine like Google .
(but developers do that)
2.You can use only experience & few templates of last project
(developers can reuse the controls and function of previous project)
3.You must have the complete knowledge of the domain of project .
(Developers just need an idea about the domain)
4.You should have the knowledge of database, js errors & development platform like .net,c++ etc.
(Developers have no need to understand tester's work, they just follow the bug life cycle)
5.You are responsible from requirement analysis till satisfaction of customer.
(Developers are responsible for their particular code)
6.You must have a wide visibility about success of product.
(Few developers care about it but not all)

There is a long list but leaving it here, i'm mentioning my most favorite that is a number of issues in developer's work are acceptable but a tester must be answerable for even a single issue in his/her work. Still people say it is an easy job,If you can't be a developer or any thing else be a tester.But after reading this be careful ,you will blame yourself whole life for choosing this sector if you do not love testing and thought that it is an easy job & everyone can do it  perfectly.

Thanks !!! :)

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Search For The Dream Job !!!!

Years ago, in my final semester of B. Tech. .. what was there in my mind!!!! My friends, my result & a JOB.....!! Job the most important thing but where, in which domain for which designation ???? Aaaah ..No Idea :(

After Completing my collage life , I decided to search a job. Just a job criteria has been decided yet. It may be in networking, software development , database administrator or a lecturer. I was a normal student & I could survive in any domain .. that was my quality but all those fields were not attached with my soul & even I didn't know about that ;) because my focus was on getting just a job.

Finally , I got a job in software development & I was happy :) .
After few months , I noticed that I’m just surviving & not enjoying my work then how I’ll be a successful person without loving my work. Again a big question mark ???????????
I decided to give sometime to myself to think about.

There, everyone was noticing something except me....That was... I was more concerned about the quality instead of creating the application & I always see the application from the user's point of view ...the most uncommon behavior of a developer !! My colleagues call me to check the pages before submitting in project & I test those pages by giving extra time with a big smile. They gave me a name 'First tester' because I test before the test team
( unofficially) ;) .

After few months I realized that I can be a better test engineer than a good developer, I love this work , I can give some unpaid extra time when I test , people around me know me for my quality and not by name or post & this was the feeling for which I was looking from my last semester.

The search ends here. I have joined as a test engineer , my dream job..... attached with my soul.

Thanks :)   !!!!

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Let me explore the name- way2softwaretesting!!!!

When a passionate new test engineer enters in the world of software . He imagine the world which is similar to the definitions he has gone through. But what he finds a new world with customized definitions as per the comfort level of profit view, business analyst view & then developers view .

Now what to do as a fresher ,knowing something something but have no experience....

There is no other way to follow the process (way '2' instead of '1' ) silently to contribute in the project delivery on time. Sometimes the new testers try to add some quality in the process but what reply he/she gets-- Dear,you are new & have no experience .First , gain some experience & help to deliver the project on time then we will sit together and talk about quality. After delivering the project, new requirements/enhancements comes & then new dead lines & so & so on....

Now is there any loss or side effect ??

From the business point of view may ( creating a brand name) or may not be ( only to look for present or for few years).But the Major side effect of that is a 'passionate test engineer turns into just a test engineer ' & its just too sad.

It's A request to senior persons to please do not kill the passion of a beginner. Talk to him & appreciate for thinking & willing to do something about quality. May be as a beginner he/she is not right , tell him/her to improve but not to follow everything as it is without understanding. It may take your few extra minute of your schedule but it will surly be a great contribution for software word !!!

Thanks :)  !!!!